Adamos Magician

Adamos is one of the best Magicians in Cyprus performing for many years and has a lot of experience with big shows. His spectacular show and amazing tricks will give you a great magic show.

Stavros Valianti

The Illusionist Stavros Valianti will take the audience on a journey of incredible ingenuity, intimate magical mysteries and intense escapes. His shows brings to life some of the most complex and riveting magic ever seen. With a grand illusion show, your ...

Mike Mondeo

Comedy, magic , & mindreader I perform comedy close up magic , and 2 x 45 mins comedy mindreading , for corporate events , after dinner shows , close up magic for weddings , & corporate events , promotions , Every show i do is comedy based, and great ...


Magicians in Cyprus

Cyprus has a big group of professional Magicians who are active for many years and some have even won worldwide prizes and are recognized by international organizations for magicians. The quality of the magic show is of very high standards and most Magicians are almost fully booked during the year. That's why this page might help you to find the Magician for your party or event who is available on the date you are looking for.

What kind of shows can you book?

Close-up magic

Close-up magic or table magic is doing magic on the spot right in front of you. The magician walks around the place of the event and performs for small groups different small tricks. The Magician is not only good in doing magic tricks but they also have a nice story around the trick to keep you entertained. You have to pay attention because the tricks are very fast and although you think you understand the trick there is always a catch behind it and you will be surprised.

Close-up Magic is perfect for events like weddings, festivals or corporate events.

Illusions show

We all know David Copperfield and Hans Klok who are big illusionists and perform on stage showing big tricks. Beautiful assistants jumping out of boxes or disappearing in a split second. That's what you can expect from big Illusion shows. The Illusionists in Cyprus are doing big shows for festivals and corporate events.

Kids magic show

Your small guests don't need to have big illusions to get entertained. Of course, they will enjoy it but a magic show for kids is more about keeping the kids busy and interaction is very important with children parties. Small tricks with a nice story are much more effective than big illusions without any interaction.

On this page you can definitely find a Magician who can perform one of the above shows so have a look which magician you like to book and find the contact details in the listing.

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