How to Choose the Best Location for Your Party

When we were young, throwing a party was easy: the moment parents announced that they were leaving, we would start preparing for the party, and when the day finally arrived, we would call our friends and have a blast at an empty house. As we age, we get more opportunities and reasons to throw a party, but it gets incredibly difficult to find the best place to do so. If you’re struggling to come up with the best location for your upcoming party, we’re here to help you out.

Consider the numbers

Now, when it comes to numbers, there are a few that should be your top priority: the number of people you’re expecting to attend, the amount of money you’re willing to put aside to rent the space if need be, and the date when the arty will take place. You can’t go out looking for the perfect place for your party unless you know how many people will actually show up. Of course, this doesn’t mean that those numbers should be set in stone, but when you know the estimated numbers, you’ll have a good starting point. What is more, the date of your party is also important because some of the venues you’ll be looking might have to be booked in advance so it’s always good to know this so you can discuss the details with the owner or the manager of the place.

Have a vision

What kind of party are you planning? Is it going to be a karaoke party or a costume party? Will you have a DJ or a live band playing? Do you need a dance floor or is it more important to have a video beam projector? Is it important to have windows and plenty of natural light or will your party be taking place in the evening? When you have a vision the party you’re planning in your mind, it will be easy to know what requirements space will have to meet.

The size that matters

Choose a place that’s just the right size for your party. You don’t want to book a place that’s so big that your guests will feel like they’re in a huge hall, and you certainly don’t want a place that won’t be able to accommodate everyone, and that will make people feel claustrophobic. Make sure you find the place that’s just able to accommodate everyone you’re expecting. This will make the atmosphere feel lively, and people will feel closer to each other, but it won’t make the entire space feel crowded.

Focus on location

Location is also one of the most important things you should consider. Think about your priorities and who your guests will be. Should your party place have a huge parking place or is it more important for it to be easily accessible by public transport? If the people will be coming from many different sides, it’s good for the place to be close to the airport or a hotel where many of the guests will be staying. If you find a convenient location, more people will choose to come in the first place.

What they offer

When you think you’ve found the place you like, check to see what they can provide you with. Depending on the kind of party you’re organising, you might want a venue that provides valet parking, catering, security, and cleanup crew. Some places have restrictions that concern the level of noise you’ll be making or décor you want to use, and these might be things you have to consider in advance.

Think about insurance

There are places that look great, but that won’t deal with you or allow you to rent unless you have insurance. Not all venues are like that, yet it’s good to remember that your insurance might play a key role in finding the right place. Certain venues require some insurance, and you can always ask your general liability insurance agent for advice. If you weren’t considering getting insurance, though, it’s good to ask the person you’re negotiating with whether that will be a problem.

Trust your instincts

After you’ve put all the numbers down, went to see the place, found that’s easily accessible and conveniently sized, and concluded that it has everything you need, there is still one more thing you should consider – your instinct. If you’ve been there and your gut has been telling you that something’s wrong, you should reconsider that place. A barren and uninviting venue is the absolute last thing anyone wants. After all, you don’t want to throw a party in a place where you’ll constantly feel anxious and upset.

As if planning a party isn’t difficult and stressful enough, finding the right location can prove to be the most challenging part of the whole affair. Our tips will help you find the best place or at least help you narrow down the list of possible places. It’s imperative never to lose sight of what’s most important for you and be ready to compromise; only then will you be able to find the perfect spot.

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