How to Choose the Perfect Entertainment for Your Event

Event planning is not exactly as easy as ABC. It is enjoyable and creative, but at the same time it can be complicated and often challenging. As an event planner, your goal is always to organise the best possible event, with the best possible entertainment, while trying to stay on budget.

Things don’t always turn out perfect and entertainment is usually the toughest one to get right. Choosing any type of entertainment would be sloppy, and simply not enough. It might even ruin your event. That’s why choosing the right form of entertainment is extremely important if you don’t want your party, celebration or reunion to be underwhelming, or worse.

We don’t mean to scare you, though! We’ll help you navigate through the whole process and after getting familiar with several essential elements that you ought to pay attention to, you’ll be choosing entertainment for your event like a pro. The entertainers should be effective, and, above all, appropriate, for the event in question. By minding the following guidelines, you will be able to spot these characteristics in entertainers, reduce the stress during planning and emerge victorious, dazzling your clients and guests with some spot-on amusement.

Be Mindful of the Theme and Audience

Keeping in mind the general profile of the guests can be extremely helpful when it comes to sorting out the options and choosing entertainment, as you certainly want someone or something that will resonate with the audience. If a musical act is expected, you should think about whether the audience is mostly younger or older. On the other hand, the occasion is also one of the important factors that dictate how the event should be put together. It’s not about generalising, but personalising the occasion. A charity event is a completely different thing from a belly dancing show, as is a corporate lunch from a kid’s birthday party. As an event organiser, you are given the privilege of providing a group of people with a great time, therefore you need to cater to a target audience, as well as reinforce the concept and the theme of the event through entertainment.

Ask Yourself: Is Entertainment the Key Focus of the Event?

It should be clear from the get-go if the entertainment has a smaller, supporting role at the event or if it is the main attraction. It makes no sense to go above and beyond trying to hire some big name while the performance should be subtle and mostly in the background. However, if the act is what the event will be centred on than you might want to spend a bit of extra money if you want the audience to have a memorable experience. 

Dancing Requires Refreshments All Around

When one is neck-deep in phone calls, to-do lists, time management and coordination, it often happens that some minor details are forgotten. Although they seem minor on paper, they may prove to be vital at the scene. For example, in cases when a DJ is hired, a live band or a group of dancers to perform, refreshments and other amenities should be arranged for both the performers and the guests. After a while of playing music and dancing everyone will need an energy boost.

Always Check the Terms and Conditions Should You Hire Event Planners or Agency

Why bother organising an event yourself when there are specialised entertainment agencies for this? Well, perhaps you’d like to be a part of it and not let strangers take care of everything, or maybe your boss put you in charge, or the budget doesn’t allow any planners or agencies. Whatever the case, we just wish to remind you that you ought to pay close attention to the contracts that may exist between yourself or your company with the event planners or entertainment agency. Booking entertainment through a third party requires being extra careful, reading the terms and conditions and being aware of any cancellation terms and contingencies.

Counsel of the Experts

Be cautious, but don’t avoid asking for help from someone who is more experienced when it comes to organising entertainment events, a professional who can give you an idea how to prepare and let you in on some industry insights. Receiving tailored advice may change your perspective and lead to ultimately finding the right entertainment for the right event. 

Have Backups

It’s not the end of the world is the entertainer or the act you’ve wanted isn’t available, or simply doesn’t agree to your terms. You shouldn’t make a huge fuss over it. What you should do is have some backup options in mind. It would be best to create a small list with the options that have met all your criteria and start reaching out, one or two options at a time until you’ve reached an agreement. This way you will surely secure appropriate entertainment by the time the preparations are more or less complete and set up an unforgettable event for your guests, clients, family or friends.

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